Students for Recovery, Registered Student Organization

students for recovery

Students for Recovery (SFR): The mission of the Students for Recovery group is to promote the academic and social well-being of recovering students, faculty, and staff at the University of Texas at Austin through the practice of social justice, empowerment, and community building.

We seek to provide a supportive atmosphere on campus for students, faculty, and staff who are in recovery from an addiction as well as those who are affected by another person’s addiction. 

Student Chair Positions:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social, Service, Sport, Birthday, Alumni, Graduate and Outreach chairs. 

Student Organization Advisor: CSR Program Coordinator


Student Stories

Our students' stories provide the best evidence for just how important it is to have recovery support on campus. Please enjoy a few of our students' stories in their own words below.

The Center for Students in Recovery has been vital to my sobriety. After graduating with my Bachelor's from a different university and being newly sober, moving to Austin was one of the last things I thought would help me along in my recovery. The meetings and people at CSR are incredibly welcoming, loving and understanding, which was just what I needed. I thought starting graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin was going to be an insurmountable task so early in my sobriety, but through the CSR community I have been offered continual support. I am incredibly grateful to be involved in CSR and look forward to what the future has in store within this community.
Natalia L.

The notion of returning to UT Austin following treatment was terrifying. Being a sober student was completely new territory and I had no idea whether or not I could do it. I was afraid that the stress associated with academic life would cause me to relapse and that I would once again find myself back in the chaotic life I had been living, uncertain of whether or not I would ever graduate. I was extremely fortunate to connect with CSR very early in my recovery. I visited CSR the day that I was released from treatment. Everyone was so warm and friendly and I knew then that I had found my haven on campus. CSR became my safe space, the place I could turn to whenever the stress crept in and I felt my recovery was in danger. In my initial visit, I was also connected with various recovery resources, through which I was able to procure continued treatment and further strengthen my recovery. I am proud to say that my first semester sober has been my best, most gratifying semester yet and that CSR undoubtedly played a part.
Mylo M.

Sobriety was always something I dabbled with but was never able to completely stick with until I found CSR. I never realized how important support was when attempting to stay sober in a college environment. The Center for Students in Recovery provided me with the support I needed and so much more. It gives me a place where I feel welcome and accepted, issues and all. I immediately felt so connected with everyone and admired everyone for their strength and dedication to self-improvement. Instead of facing my addiction alone, CSR introduced me to a ton of people who would help me battle my dependence issues and provide me with tools in which to live a more rewarding and happy life. Sobriety has been just a byproduct in my journey. This new life that CSR has shown me is greater and more fulfilling than I ever could have hoped for or expected. I've found a new family at CSR and whenever I am here I feel I'm truly at home. If you're having doubts, just come to one meeting to see what it's all about. What do you have to lose?!


CSR has been extremely vital to my continued recovery and enjoyment of life on campus. I am part of a group that relates to one another in a way that most collegiate groups, formal or informal, simply cannot. Due to this understanding, I no longer suffer from the loneliness and isolation that once drove me to drugs and alcohol. It has been truly inspiring to witness the incredible transformations that have occurred in me and others thanks, in part, to this program. I sincerely doubt that I would have been able to make it to graduation, or lived an enjoyable life the past two years, without the fellowship of the students and directors of CSR.
Eric M.

My first semester at UT was, at first, a little rough. Trying to get accustomed to full-time university life while trying to maintain my program of recovery can be, at times, a bit challenging. CSR realizes this and pulls together great resources, mainly other students. A couple of the guys at CSR immediately gave me their numbers for support. Another guy showed me around campus and showed me where to go for tutoring. Another guy just shared with me his experience, because the semester prior was his first semester. Having a place where I can go and connect really takes a lot of stress off. By the end of the semester my grades were good and I no longer had that overwhelming feeling of being in over my head. I am blessed and grateful for The Center for Students in Recovery.
Dewayne T.

UT Center for Students in Recovery