Recovery Ally Training

The Recovery Ally Training program was developed by the Center for Students in Recovery as another way to support students in recovery on the UT Austin campus.

Upon completion of the Recovery Ally Training, a participant will be able to:

  • Describe the science of substance use disorders and recovery,
  • Demonstrate how to have a conversation with a person who seems to be struggling with substance use,
  • Demonstrate how to effectively express support for a student in recovery, and
  • Describe on- and off-campus resources.

The full training (90 minutes) includes role-play and small group interaction.

A short version of the training (50 minutes) that does not include role-play or small group activities is available for classroom settings.

This training is designed to reduce stigma toward people with substance use disorders or who are in recovery, and to increase awareness about the millions of individuals living in healthy recovery across the country. You can help make campus a more recovery-friendly place.

Request a training for your group!

We will do our best to accommodate your requested date and time, but due to the limited availability of trainers,we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests.


Introduction to the Center for Students in Recovery

This 30-minute presentation introduces staff, student, and faculty to our collegiate recovery community. Learn about our weekly drop-in groups, training, scholarships, and recovery-supportive events. Join us to learn about the culture of recovery we've created at UT Austin and exactly how our Center supports students in their recovery journeys so they can enjoy a genuine college experience.