The Recovery Living Learning Community (LLC) is dedicated to substance-free lifestyles, wellness goals and peer support. Students develop individual plans for maintaining and achieving wellness in four areas:

  • biological wellness
  • psychological wellness
  • social wellness
  • making a meaningful life

These wellness plans include personal wellness or recovery, support for one another and community building, and service to the campus and community. 

Located in Moore Hill--which is a short walk from the Center for Students in Recovery—the Recovery LLC is great for first-year students and new transfer students in recovery from substance use disorders or mental health conditions, in pursuit of a sober community, or those not in recovery but dedicated to personal growth and peer support. Members of this community must abstain from intoxicating substances.

Students in the Recovery LLC experience:

  • A community with other students in recovery or in pursuit of a sober lifestyle
  • Recovery-oriented meetings and social activities on campus
  • High satisfaction with their residential hall