While everyone is welcome at CSR, regardless of length of sobriety, academic stage, age, or enrollment status, we do have requirements for scholarship eligibility. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each long semester (Fall and Spring),with applications happening the summer or semester before. You must meet these minimum requirements to receive a scholarship:

  •  Currently enrolled at UT Austin.
  •  Complete CSR scholarship application and email it as a PDF to the CSR Director by the deadline.
  •  A minimum total of 30 hours of participation across the following categories:
    •  CSR meetings from the CSR weekly schedule.
    •  Longhorns For Recovery (the student organization) meetings, events, and service hours (including planning and preparation for events).
    • CSR outreach activities, including tabling, speaking on or off- campus, and other opportunities to share about CSR and your recovery journey.
    • CSR sober social activities.
    •  Recovery-related service work.
  •  While there is no minimum requirement for GPA, we do hope to see you improve while in recovery, and we reserve the right to verify your reported GPA on the scholarship application. Please remember that honesty is a central pillar of recovery.


Scholarship Types:
Multiple scholarships provided by La Hacienda are available for students who meet the scholarship requirements and complete an application on time, as funds are available. Recipients of this scholarship type must complete the following follow-up criteria:

 Write a minimum one-page thank you letter to the board of the funding institution, sharing information about your recovery and academic journeys in addition to expressing gratitude. Letters must be completed and emailed to the CSR Director within two weeks after receiving notification of the scholarship award.